Sunday, April 27, 2008

Damn Sexy...

Where does time go! I have been so busy with callers and running to and fro that I have not posted to you in 14 can that be???
I took a couple new pics of me in a cute tshirt I got from a site called Hips & Curves...if you love me, you will shop for me there...I got some of the SEXIEST things! Over the next few weeks, I'll post up some pics of me in hot items off that site...if you have a girlfriend or just wanna treat yourself to a pair of panties, these are the guys to see...I promise!
I met a new fella on the phone and man is he great...the best part is he loves stroking his dick for me. I so love watching, it's a pleasure for me when he calls. He got all kinds of horny and showed me his balls and did EXACTLY what I told him I wanted to see...ooooo man! that was hot!
So, tell me what you think of the cute tshirt...I have on a scooter skirt with it, short and black and totally X rated!! Wanna see? call me up!
Karibeth XXoXX

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did Someone Say Post More Pics?

I have a gallery all set up for you at !! I spent yesterday afternoon filling it up with the pictures we took at the beach and added in a few for good measure out of my personal files. I also spent some time in the sun!! It was over 80 here and oh so pretty...I love this time of the year and always find myself very lusty!

I'm off to Sacramento on Tuesday and will be back on Wendsday, just a quick overnight but I hope to have some sexxxxy stories to tell you when I get back. I love taking off for a fun night in a hotel! There is a ship you can stay on overnight and I'm thinking that would be some fun!!

Today I'm home and would love to spend some time with you, deep in a fantasy or a hot role play! The response from you fellas over my pictures and new site is unreal...I'm shocked, flattered and turned on, all at the same time!

I'll have the phone outside with me, call me and let's get N A U G H T Y!!

Karibeth xxx


Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Perfect Saturday!

I'm out on my deck in the sun...I'm wearing a short cotton skirt and a pink tank top...It's hot and I am loving it! April 12th and we are expecting 80 degrees today...Don't you just wanna hate me? But with these big, ol titties, how can you? You can't resist me, so pick up the phone and call!

Kiss Kiss!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Do You Like This?

I went to the beach and got some new pics done...I can't wait to show you...Here is the first one and one of my favorites, the lighting was very nice...

The hot tub was GREAT, the stars were out and there was no Oregon, on the beach, in a hot tub in April...honey, it really is a wonderful time to be alive...and trust me...I AM ALIVE....

Call me, I'm home until next week when I have to jet off to Cali for an overnight....

We will be adding pics to the gallery in the next few the meantime, check me out on

I love you, sexy men....!


You Know I Wanna Watch YOU!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Those Emails!

I am amazed and flattered daily by the emails I am getting! You guys are HOT! I thought I would appeal to some of your boys that like to shake your stiffie at us gals but I did not think about the dirty boys that want to dress up and walk about for me! Oh, and putting on lipstick together, now I LOVE that idea!

Some of you like that special little purple dildo of mine too...I sure enjoy it...wink!

I went out today and got some more color in my hair, see the new picture today? Gloria does a nice job and today she put a color called RED WINE underneath all those lovely light brown locks and I think it looks GREAT...It sure makes my ass swing when I walk so it must be working for me! HA!

So, thanks again for all the hot mail and instant guys just flat TURN ME ON...

Keep up the flattery boys...mamma needs it 24/7!

Hugs and Kisses...



Sunday, April 6, 2008

I have a surprise!

Look what I got! woohoo! I'm an internet overnight sensation! LOL

Small things please me sometimes but the new site is so cute! be sure and check out the pictures and I'm going to get some new shots done next week, so be sure and come back and see more of me!!

I made a new girlfriend last week and heard from a couple very dominate women, one I have known forever, Mistress Anne and the other lifestyle Mistress is new to me. If I get requests for domination or for contact with these too stern ladies, I'll do my best to get them to link to me or to just let me feature them on some of my pages. It's up to you...let me know!

My new friend, Cindy, has decided to join us. She was doing calls elsewhere but has moved on and is now taking calls thru our service. You can find her at once her page is up you will find CINDY on the top row...

While you are there, you really need to see the new pics that were added for CAROL, BARBRA AND SHAWNA....if that doesn't move you to call one of us, I think you need a visit with Dr. Viagra!

The picture today is of Cindy...You said you want real women, well here you go...from the hot tub yesterday to your computer screen today...real pics, real hot, real time...

Love your continued support and SEXINESS...


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day!

Feelin' tricky today? I know I am ....isn't today National Fooling Around Day? Let's forget all our troubles about the economy, let's put politics aside for the day and just throw caution to the wind! Let's get naked and dirty...wanna? I'm hoping to spend some time in the sun today, by Thursday it is supposed to warm up to almost 70 and I hope that is not some sicko weatherman April Fool Joke...grrr! I need some sun to warm my bones and get me all stirred up for you...

I got to watch a hot guy on cam yesterday, he and I used SKYPE and it works so much better than Yahoo! If you don't have it, get it so we can play...I love watching you boys stroke your cocks for me and I know you REALLY get turned on doing it for me...what a wonderful thing the internet think I can sit back and watch man after man cum while I watch, well, I'm just blessed...LOL

Let's have a good day, let's cum a couple times and really push the many times can you cum for me in 30 minutes? I bet with me pushing you that we can surprise even you!

There's the phone...another jackin' boy! woohoo!

Check us out and call me for some FUN ON CAM!