Monday, March 31, 2008

More Shoes!

How about these girls? I love shoes!

I'm going to get some stockings on and take some pics! Call me for a freebie pic by email!

Karibeth xxx

Mamma Got New Shoes!!

This is one of the new pairs I bought while on my little trip over the w/end...I hope you like them! I can't wait to show off my legs and feet in these baby's...

Call me and tell me what you think!!


and be sure and check out the new girls on they are hot and waiting for your call!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26th...2 days to go....

Today was a wild turned ice freaking cold and there was snow mixed in the rain! The car wash place was closed up so I have to break down and clean the inside myself...oh god..!

I got my hair colored and it's just this side of fab...check out the looks funky without curls but it's still quite fuckable...have you ever wrapped your dick inside soft, thick hair and jerked off? Cum is full of protein and I like it in my hair or on my skin...wanna help a girl out? wink!

I cam home and talked to a new phone boy...hey, Thomas...smooch...and the did a call with Dorothy for a wild time with an established client that I JUST LOVE...Thank you baby...

Dorothy is a very naughty SHOULD check her out at and be sure and check out her gallery...ooolala...what a sense of humor and a dirty mouth...the best of both worlds. Very fun...

So my little trip is coming up, had to move it back to Friday to the's ok, Joey won't be going on this trip, I have a date with my dream boat...He's meeting me at the hotel on Friday and I'm hoping we will stay until Sunday morning...oh man! I know you will want to see the pics of that...He's kinda dirty and lots of fun...wish me luck! Maybe I can blow him on video and let you see it, would you like that? Call and let me know!

Ok, I gotta get busy and answer my emails...a couple cam girls have reached out and asked to get available for you all...Let me check them out and if I think you all might like to meet them on the ph or live on cam, I'll let you know where to find them...sound good?

I love you so much and appreciate all the support for me and my pals on the sites...

Your sexy girl...
Karibeth xxx

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Phone Sex Rules

ok, tonight we start out with a HUGE phone sex call rule. Do not call for information on a toll free number. Sweetie, I know you want to see what we sound like, but understand the woman answering the phone, if you are dialing her direct to her home, is paying for that phone call. So, if you want to flirt first, see if she has a Yahoo! button on her page and give her an instant message to ask all your billing questions. And btw, if the service is legit and trustworthy, all your questions will be answered. Just read the terms of the call on that page, I'm sure it is located close to that toll free number you are about to call. Oh, and another thing, don't call up all 20 women on that site and ask them all the same questions. We all talk to each other and we can type phone numbers quicker than you can call us. We all have caller id and we look at that before we answer our phones...

there now, that was not so bad, was it?

Now for the good stuff...Today was an awesome phone call day...varied fantasies, new callers and a bunch of callers that have not called in a longassed time. Thanks to the phone Gods...may the calls continue!

The day is about over for me, there is snow in the forecast and I'm about to drive my rearwheel drive car over the mountain for my little w/end get away. I'm not sure I can even go at this point but if I do...ooolala! I'll have my laptop and cellphone and my little Flip camera to get some fun recorded for you pervs that like to watch!

Oh, did I mention, I love phone sex!

Good night, horny boys!
Come see my buddies!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Official!

I'm a know, an older, HOT woman who approaches young men for sexual encounters. This is how is went down, you tell me, am I a slut or just HOT?

My friend Sally had a birthday today, so I took her out to lunch at our favorite new spot, Buster's. We were there a couple weeks ago and I flirted outrageously with the fella who seated us..Young, cute, and so sexxy! Anyway, HE was working again today and when he sat us and asked what we were drinking, I asked him if he was old enough to bring us a cocktail. He said, oh yes, I'm over 21...So, I said, how old are you honey? 24, he said and I said, I LOVE

Well, after that first gin and tonic I was feeling pretty good and when he dropped by the table to see if all was well, I asked him if he was busy Thursday night. He said he is off Thurs/Friday nights and I asked him how he felt about a woman asking him to go out of town with her for 1 night only and just for fun. He smiled, gave me his number and said he was open to anything I have in mind...


I am not sure if I'm up for a 24 yr old and I have plans to meet up with a lover from California but if that one can't make it (he has this THING about not showing up at the last minute)I'm gonna call Tony (isn't that the cutest name) and have him go along...Sounds like a photo op, if you ask me...

So, now back to Phone Sex! I have a new little vixen who is just starting out on the phone. Her name is LILY and she has this awesome long red hair and lily white skin...check her out at and be sure and look at her pics in the gallery. She has some pretty dirty pictures...wowowowwo

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let Me Introduce My Blog....

Today I start my very own blog. The plan is to each day give you a glimpse into the wild, wacky and yes, sometimes sexy world of a professional phone sex girl. Now, I'm no ordinary phone girl, oh no...I have been home on the phone full time since about 1998...back in the good old days! ha!

I hope you enjoy my entries and I promise to make them fun and interesting and even show off some of my gal pals that do calls too!

So, let's get this party started! The picture is of me and before you ask, yes, I use my own

Thanks for stopping by, of course I have a link for you to follow to see the first of several of my phone sex/live cam sites. I'm on there along with 3 women who also offer live cam. Read their pages and then call up and get busy...

It's Easter! Enjoy your day in a sexy way! My phone is ringing...gotta run!