Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!

Wanna spend some time with a horny phone girl today? I am looking for some real guys that like real women! I had a super good w/end with some friends, watched a long assed parade on Saturday, played at the local Indian casino on Friday night and laughed until my sides ached. Yesterday was a GREAT phone sex day!! 13 calls and some were an hour or so long! I love that! I got so much attention poured on me I was energized and feeling the need for some real stuff after I went to bed. I live alone, as some of you know and last night I REALLY needed a strong man in bed with me to tame my horny ass...

Speaking of you like anal sex? Cuz, this phone girl could get into that!! I love men who are adventurous in bed, ones that like to take control and make me feel good. I think it's cuz I spend most of my time making men hot on the phone and showing off for them on cam that when I'm with someone in realtime, I want to be taken care of...can you do that??

I am going to take some new pics for you boys in the next couple days...I'll add them to my site and to the gallery at as soon as I get some I think will get your dick hard and your heart racing...something that will encourage you to pick up the phone and call me!! I'm still doing non nude cam but have gotten up the courage to flash my boobs now and then just to get you's so funny, some men have told me that they can't cum watching naked women shoving toys in their woohoo's but they get off with me, fully dressed! What's up with that?? LOL I LOVE IT!! I think it's a case of less being more...

Today's lovely in the picture is my buddy, SHERI, she's got huge ass tits and a very dirty mind. She is sure to make you happy if you call her...give her a shout, she's goooood...

ok boys, that just about does it for todays little post. The phone is ringing steady already today, so get busy and call or ping me on yahoo! I'm home all day, bbq'ing for just me later...I have a great piece of meat all ready for the Q, now come over here and bring me something good to eat for dessert...

Love you...



Sunday, May 11, 2008

wanna fuck?

I'm horny today, how about you?? I had a hard time falling asleep last night despite a rather intense orgasm...I think I need more exercise...any volunteers? Yummmmy!
Call me today and I'll give you the best call of your life....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It Was My Birthday!

yesterday was my birthday and after doing some stuff for fun I came home and turned on my phone. wow! I spent 3 hours with a new guy and was he ever kinky!! I started messaging him on Yahoo! and ended up surfing the net with him and checking out some WILD sites! He had a 3 inch plug up there and once we started checking out the tranny's he really got into the call...I love showing you guys stuff you only dream about...

I have a tranny pal named Roxxi and it turned out that after I went to bed, this guy called Rox up and did another couple hours with her. That must have been some party over there...LOL

All and all I had a great day, thanks for the calls and emails...and that naughty MSN message you left, you know who you are...wink!

I'm home all day and having some fun, wanna join me?

Oh, the pic today is of Roxxie...she's a hottie and can be found at

Talk to you soon, boys!