Thursday, July 29, 2010

i'm back from my vacation!!

I got back yesterday from a quick trip to the coast and I am ready to rock and roll on the phone! There is nothing like playing tourist and taking a break from your daily routine to get you all hot and bothered and excited to hear your little phone ring. Today has been great on the phone, so many horny, sexxxy guys calling and cumming with me really makes me happy!! You know I get so turned on listening to you moan and get all breathless while you rub your cock thinking about my big tits and how you want me to suck you dry...YUMMMMMY!
Oh, here goes the phone again, Gosh I hope he wants to add some topless cam to his about you? Want to jerk off watching me rub those big girls and pull on my pretty nipples for you?
call me!!!
$2.50 minute/10min minimum phone sex only
$3.00 minute/live cam and phone sex, NO nudity
$4.00 minute/live cam and phone sex, topless only!
Please have your Credit/Debit or PrePaid Gift Card Available When You Dial

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Logo!

Check out the new business logo I had done for all our sites out there! Now you won't have to search the page to see if it's AlphaNet that will be billing you for your fun! I know sometimes it's hard to tell if you can trust someone or if you have done business with a certain service or not so I decided it was time to brand our pages with something you can identify quickly!!
I"m home today and ready for some hot phone time with YOU!! All this month I'm offering a little Simulation Package for all my sexxxxy boys...Call and ask me for my recession special and I'll get you all fixed up!
Can't wait to hear what's on your dirty mind, now drop your dick and pick up the phone, I am ready to get busy with you!!
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$2.50 per minute for phone only
$3.00 for NON NUDE CAM and phone
$4.50 for TOPLESS CAM and PHONE
Please have your credit/debit/prepaid card ready!!
note: all calls have a 10 min minimum/21+ only

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm on FIRE...

I am incredibly horny these days...It must be the summer sun or SOMETHING! I can't get enough of my own pussy and keep thinking about all these HORNY situations that make me cum! I had to run to town yesterday and every time I saw a guy that was sexy I thought about his cock...wondering how big or hard he might get and would he fuck the shit out of me if I gave him the chance...LOL
I'm sexually frustrated and ready for you...give me a call and let's get happy together. I don't want to fall in love with you, altho if you are nice to me you get even more from me, I just want to cum, ok?
Call me and help get me off!
$2.50 minute 10 minute minimum (phone)
$4 per minute 10 minute minimum (cam)
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