Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back Home From The Beach!

call me up so I can tell you allll about my fun lil getaway to the Redwoods! I took some great pics of me while I was gone...This one is my sweet feet in the hot cute you can just eat them up, huh?

I'm around most of the time and hope you call me REALLLY soon so we can play!
$2.50 a min gets me LIVE on the phone!
remember to have your credit card handy!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Message from Kari

Another little video from your favorite cam girl. Just leting you know its time to call!


My Hours 9a-9p Pacific Time

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

Hi boys...I am feeling better, that flu just sucks! Once I start feeling better I get so incredibly horny! The juices are flowing and I"m hoping you can take advantage and come get some hot phone sex and maybe get to see my famously hot titty cam! Remember, I only charge extra to see them if you want them out, exposed and in your face!
I'm loving the good weather and can't wait to spend some time in the sun very soon. Why not come spend time with me? We could have some fun, playing and laughing and cumming together!
Someone today, of course, he was one of those guys on Yahoo! that messages me daily to say how hot I am, said that I'm a 'so-so looking chick'...hmmm He was pissy cuz I figured out after weeks of wasting my time that he was never going to call me. That time wasting takes away from you, my loyal clients! Shame on him, I got to be strict with him and that turned me on even more!
My little slave in Italy has good MIA...he better bring his ass back around and deposit some $ in my account or he is gonna wish he had! Dylan, get with it!!!
I am going out shoe shopping this w/end, how about if you send me some links to shoes you would like to see me model for ya? Slingbacks, Stilettos, Platforms and Peep many wicked sexy shoes to choose from! Be a good boy and I'll let you shop for a naughty boy and I will go shopping with you and we can pick out the pair that gets you hard and large...yummmmmy!
Call me soon, I can't get those balls drained for ya, if you are too scared to call me! I have a first time caller special that runs thru the end of the and ask me for it!
come fuck me now, sexy!
Karibeth wants you!!
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