Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to SUMMER!

So, where have I been? Out having fun and meeting new men right and left. I fought off the idea of myspace, facebook and twitter but I have given in and joined the ranks of the public spacers, booker and tweets!
When you do your next call we can add each other and have fun that way too, ok?
Summer is here, I have plans to go away at the end of June for 3 days but all month I will be right here to serve your every need...smooch
I have told a few of you faithful readers about the sadness I have had with a breakup of sorts. Well, it seems I have that all sorted out and found it's true what they say...best way to get over a man is to meet another one (or get under one depending on how naughty you think). I'm back to my old, fun self so let's get with it boys...
Call me today for some of the best phone time you can find out there!