Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Where does the time go anymore! I swear, we were just voting for President and now we are just days away from Christmas. I had some company for a week and between blowing him nonstop and doing back to back sexxy calls, I had to take a little rest! But you boys kept Rachael busy and I appreciate that!!
Are you feeling horny today? I am for sure! It's cold and foggy here and I have the fireplace going and my panties are off...Why not do me a favor, call me and let's cum together. I plan on going back to bed and getting myself off over and over today. How about we hook up and see if we can have a contest to see who can cum the hardest, longest and loudest...I'll give you fair warning...I have batteries...WINK!
Here is a picture of one of the new gals that will be on my brand new site Give her a try, she's hot! You can reach Jill at 888-819-2418
Call me soon, baby

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Busy and So Glad!

I guess you have heard that the economy is not doing to great...well, I'm happy to report that I am busier than ever! I have all you horny guys to thank for it! I understand some other pso's are having days without a single phone call and some services resorting to almost giving away their time.
Yesterday was a fun day for me on the phone. I had to go out for a while, joined a new gym, that should be interesting! I'm going to set up a new blog about my efforts to get cam ready for ya. If you know me, you know I'm kinda, well, shy about showing off all my girlie parts. I don't mind hauling out the girls...that's ok, but my butt and tummy need some work before I get naked on cam and show off that stuff. Anyway, I start with a trainer next Monday and of course will continue with the treadmill here at home...
Did I tell you about the new puppy? If you are looking for an exercise opportunity, buy a pup...Henry was born on the 4th of July, is 5 pounds and wears me out!! He started humping a favorite stuff toy of his so I guess my sexiness has rubbed off on him...LOL Oh, don't get any weirdo ideas about me and my dog...I love him but I don't love him...if you get my sicko...LOL stop laughing...
Now for the sexy know I use that little pocket rocket to help me go to sleep at night...well, I put in a new battery last and out in under 2 minutes...LOL Guess you could say I was horny! See what all your fantasies do to me?
I love you, baby...but I need to go get ready for the day...Call me during your lunch break or on your way home. If you tell me u read this, I'll do a 5 minute call with you...we can call it a hump day 5 min for $ damn!
See you on cam soon? yummy

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Want some Candy little boy???
Cum see me and find out what it's like to be OWNED by a dead bride...

Monday, October 27, 2008

the corset diaries...

wanna see me on cam?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Was a FUCKING blast!!! I just got home and thought I'd post a quick pic...I got some dirty new shots and can't wait to model my new KILLER black corset for ya....
I'm headed to bed but I'll be up nice and early to jerkoff with you and the new pictures....Woohoo!

Love you, Horn get to lickin!! Momma B Horny!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey Boys!!!

How is the month going for you guys? I have been SO busy doing calls and finding new pussy for ya that I have been remiss in my postings!! SORRY! I had some 'company' last w/end and got me He's not a love interest so don't panic, just a friend who is happy to service me when I need it...LOL
I have some GREAT news! I'm headed down to Reno Nevada on Friday with a few girls friends, I call them my posse...:). I need to shop for some new hose and shoes and the store I LOVE is in Reno...I reserved a huge suite for me and the girls all have smaller suites of their own. I am going to have some new photos done for you fellas to drool over...lots of leg and foot shots and if I get drunk enough, maybe some XXX rated ones to share with you while we talk on the phone next time. I have some super hot panties and nighties that you have not seen and the suite has a huge jacuzzi so there will be some flirty bubble batch pics for you to jerk off to!!
On a personal note, I am getting a new doggie...Henry is a 14 week of Pom/Maltese mix and comes home to live with me on Oct guys that know me will be loving on Henry too, he is expected to grow to 5 cute! Almost as cute as I am when I see your number in my phone!!
I'm home all day and tomorrow, so get on the phone with me! I'll have my laptop in Reno and one of my HOTTEST callers has promised to come online and jerkoff for us horny hotties while we are down there...want to play too?
Come and see all of us nasty cammers...we even have a couple new girls that DO EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING...LOL
Cum fuck me now!!
Karibeth xoxoxxo

Friday, September 19, 2008

Anybody Horny Out There?

How about we get to the point and do some down and dirty phone humping? I'm all about cumming these days, I dumped my boyfriend and I need some attention!!
Hook up on cam with me and show me just how hot you are!
I"m waiting for you!!
$2.50 a minute for the HOTTEST phone call you will ever have!
Karibeth XXX

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kari's Web Cam



My Hours 9a-9p Pacific Time

Phone Fantasies and webcam sessions $2.50 a minute Please inquire if you have any questions. Billed as
AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major Credit Cards accepted.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy End of Summer!

I don't know about you guys, but summer was SIZZZZLING!! Now come fall, my favorite time of the year. I'm leaving for a few days on Sept 11th, taking a road trip up to see friends in British Columbia. It's a 2 day drive each way and I will be there for 2 days so message me on Yahoo! if you want to spend time with me during that time and I'll try and accomodate you!

I'll have my cellie and my laptop and I'm taking my camera for some fun pics! I'm even taking along a hot guy and hopefully we can get in a few shots of me giving some head for ya!! You dirty boys...Gosh, I do love it so much...LOL

In the meantime, I have a new friend to introduce you to...She is Loni and she is wicked nasty! Older, big titted and's a win/ can see her on the new site, Tell her I sent ya!! She's the picture today...nice stuff huh?

Come and see me soon! I love love loved watching you all jerk off on cam for me this summer. What do you say we continue into the fall...I can't wait til you shower me with cum so call soon!

Karibeth xxx


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wanna Suck On My Juicy Peach?

I love summer for many reasons but one of my favorite things is peaches...nice juicy, sweet tasty fruit with that soft fuzz on the outside. Do you like rubbing that delightful, round, slightly firm, piece of summer joy on your lips before you bite into it? Do you get aroused by the smell, the feel and the taste of all that juice running down your chin as you slurp up all it's amazing taste?

Kinda like eating my pussy, huh? I know, there is something so sensual in a ripe fruit, just like what I have waiting for you in my panties today...:)

Let's get together and work out a fantasy so we can both get off today. I am ready for some hot fetish calls or maybe a long taboo call...ooolala! Let's see just how nasty we can get!

It's summer, it's hot and so am's a perfect time to call me, I'm real, I'm ready and I have a voice that will curl your toes and make you as hard as that summer when you were a boy!!

Call me soon!! Summer does not last forever!!



Vote for me please?

wanna visit my site?

and be sure and click on the gallery...


Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a BUSY month!

August has been a blur for me! I have been super busy with new girls for you and new sites! We finished up a hot little site called there are a few new chickies on that site and I hope you like them!!

I have been doing more and more of my own calls and showing off more and more of me on cam. I was shy at first but once you show your bare ass it is not so hard...well, hard on your side of the camera maybe...giggle I HOPE...LoL

Call me darlings...I'm horny and summer is sizzling!

Hope you enjoy todays pic!!



Friday, August 1, 2008

Autumn Is Back To Play...

Some of you guys will remember having some excellent phone sex with my buddy, Autumn. She was not working for a while cuz of b/friend issues but I have good news for you boys..She is back and nastier than ever...

You must check her out, she has some new XXX pics that are juicy good and since she is alone again, she's like me, trolling for dick and happy to cum with you horn dogs on the phone! Autumn does have a day job so you have to reach her in the evenings but she is a night owl and can be reached during the nighttime hours...just perfect for that late night jerkoff...wink!

So, here is a dirty picture of her to get you all stirred up...I know you will cum to her pics but once you get those initial loads squirted, give her a know you want to hear this blonde tell you how to stroke while she fingers this hot box of hers...

Have can find Autumn at

Call me, I'm home all w/end with a wet spot just for you!



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anybody for some Cam to Cam Titty Fucking?

I'm thinking you should call me and tell me how bad you wanna oil up my big ol boobies and rub your dick raw between them! Oh, come know you want to!!
Just look at them, wanna see them jiggle just for you? Well, call me up and I'll turn on my cam for ya...don't be shy...I know you want to!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a 4th It Was!

I was out last night, watching the fireworks and making a few of my own...Went out with a few sexy gal pals of mine and teased the hell out of some younger boys at the martini

What do you get when you mix big tits, short skirts and vodka? well, we were ordering loose goose instead of grey goose in our 'tini'

The sun is peeking out this morning and it looks like another hot one...I'm home today recovering from the party last night and planning on cumming over and over today to get rid of my little headache...wanna help ? How about a nice fantasy involving some dirty dirty scenerios today...I'm up for it and I know you are too!

Call me, sexy...



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Half Moon Bay!

It was AWESOME! Call me for all the juicy details...and trust me there are some JUICY details! This was the view out my suite on Thursday, nothing like the beach!

I can't wait to tell you all about it... KARIBETH!! 866-666-8585 XOXO

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hey Horn Dog! Let's Get NASTY!

So, I'm all recovered from my pneumonia..dang that sucked! And I'm horny to watch you nasty boys on cam...come on, message me on Yahoo! and pull down those pants! Underwear too!!

You know you LOVE exposing yourself to and You also know how much it turns me on!

Call me!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wanna Lick?

So, you wanted something dirty did you? Well, where do you suppose this pop should go? Why not call me up and tell me what you think I should do with it...could be fun, how about it?

OH, you are a dirty dirty boy....Call me up and I'll tell you why they call them pussy pops...LOL

Candy is Dandy

But Kari is Randy...




Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!

Wanna spend some time with a horny phone girl today? I am looking for some real guys that like real women! I had a super good w/end with some friends, watched a long assed parade on Saturday, played at the local Indian casino on Friday night and laughed until my sides ached. Yesterday was a GREAT phone sex day!! 13 calls and some were an hour or so long! I love that! I got so much attention poured on me I was energized and feeling the need for some real stuff after I went to bed. I live alone, as some of you know and last night I REALLY needed a strong man in bed with me to tame my horny ass...

Speaking of you like anal sex? Cuz, this phone girl could get into that!! I love men who are adventurous in bed, ones that like to take control and make me feel good. I think it's cuz I spend most of my time making men hot on the phone and showing off for them on cam that when I'm with someone in realtime, I want to be taken care of...can you do that??

I am going to take some new pics for you boys in the next couple days...I'll add them to my site and to the gallery at as soon as I get some I think will get your dick hard and your heart racing...something that will encourage you to pick up the phone and call me!! I'm still doing non nude cam but have gotten up the courage to flash my boobs now and then just to get you's so funny, some men have told me that they can't cum watching naked women shoving toys in their woohoo's but they get off with me, fully dressed! What's up with that?? LOL I LOVE IT!! I think it's a case of less being more...

Today's lovely in the picture is my buddy, SHERI, she's got huge ass tits and a very dirty mind. She is sure to make you happy if you call her...give her a shout, she's goooood...

ok boys, that just about does it for todays little post. The phone is ringing steady already today, so get busy and call or ping me on yahoo! I'm home all day, bbq'ing for just me later...I have a great piece of meat all ready for the Q, now come over here and bring me something good to eat for dessert...

Love you...



Sunday, May 11, 2008

wanna fuck?

I'm horny today, how about you?? I had a hard time falling asleep last night despite a rather intense orgasm...I think I need more exercise...any volunteers? Yummmmy!
Call me today and I'll give you the best call of your life....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It Was My Birthday!

yesterday was my birthday and after doing some stuff for fun I came home and turned on my phone. wow! I spent 3 hours with a new guy and was he ever kinky!! I started messaging him on Yahoo! and ended up surfing the net with him and checking out some WILD sites! He had a 3 inch plug up there and once we started checking out the tranny's he really got into the call...I love showing you guys stuff you only dream about...

I have a tranny pal named Roxxi and it turned out that after I went to bed, this guy called Rox up and did another couple hours with her. That must have been some party over there...LOL

All and all I had a great day, thanks for the calls and emails...and that naughty MSN message you left, you know who you are...wink!

I'm home all day and having some fun, wanna join me?

Oh, the pic today is of Roxxie...she's a hottie and can be found at

Talk to you soon, boys!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Damn Sexy...

Where does time go! I have been so busy with callers and running to and fro that I have not posted to you in 14 can that be???
I took a couple new pics of me in a cute tshirt I got from a site called Hips & Curves...if you love me, you will shop for me there...I got some of the SEXIEST things! Over the next few weeks, I'll post up some pics of me in hot items off that site...if you have a girlfriend or just wanna treat yourself to a pair of panties, these are the guys to see...I promise!
I met a new fella on the phone and man is he great...the best part is he loves stroking his dick for me. I so love watching, it's a pleasure for me when he calls. He got all kinds of horny and showed me his balls and did EXACTLY what I told him I wanted to see...ooooo man! that was hot!
So, tell me what you think of the cute tshirt...I have on a scooter skirt with it, short and black and totally X rated!! Wanna see? call me up!
Karibeth XXoXX

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did Someone Say Post More Pics?

I have a gallery all set up for you at !! I spent yesterday afternoon filling it up with the pictures we took at the beach and added in a few for good measure out of my personal files. I also spent some time in the sun!! It was over 80 here and oh so pretty...I love this time of the year and always find myself very lusty!

I'm off to Sacramento on Tuesday and will be back on Wendsday, just a quick overnight but I hope to have some sexxxxy stories to tell you when I get back. I love taking off for a fun night in a hotel! There is a ship you can stay on overnight and I'm thinking that would be some fun!!

Today I'm home and would love to spend some time with you, deep in a fantasy or a hot role play! The response from you fellas over my pictures and new site is unreal...I'm shocked, flattered and turned on, all at the same time!

I'll have the phone outside with me, call me and let's get N A U G H T Y!!

Karibeth xxx


Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Perfect Saturday!

I'm out on my deck in the sun...I'm wearing a short cotton skirt and a pink tank top...It's hot and I am loving it! April 12th and we are expecting 80 degrees today...Don't you just wanna hate me? But with these big, ol titties, how can you? You can't resist me, so pick up the phone and call!

Kiss Kiss!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Do You Like This?

I went to the beach and got some new pics done...I can't wait to show you...Here is the first one and one of my favorites, the lighting was very nice...

The hot tub was GREAT, the stars were out and there was no Oregon, on the beach, in a hot tub in April...honey, it really is a wonderful time to be alive...and trust me...I AM ALIVE....

Call me, I'm home until next week when I have to jet off to Cali for an overnight....

We will be adding pics to the gallery in the next few the meantime, check me out on

I love you, sexy men....!


You Know I Wanna Watch YOU!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Those Emails!

I am amazed and flattered daily by the emails I am getting! You guys are HOT! I thought I would appeal to some of your boys that like to shake your stiffie at us gals but I did not think about the dirty boys that want to dress up and walk about for me! Oh, and putting on lipstick together, now I LOVE that idea!

Some of you like that special little purple dildo of mine too...I sure enjoy it...wink!

I went out today and got some more color in my hair, see the new picture today? Gloria does a nice job and today she put a color called RED WINE underneath all those lovely light brown locks and I think it looks GREAT...It sure makes my ass swing when I walk so it must be working for me! HA!

So, thanks again for all the hot mail and instant guys just flat TURN ME ON...

Keep up the flattery boys...mamma needs it 24/7!

Hugs and Kisses...



Sunday, April 6, 2008

I have a surprise!

Look what I got! woohoo! I'm an internet overnight sensation! LOL

Small things please me sometimes but the new site is so cute! be sure and check out the pictures and I'm going to get some new shots done next week, so be sure and come back and see more of me!!

I made a new girlfriend last week and heard from a couple very dominate women, one I have known forever, Mistress Anne and the other lifestyle Mistress is new to me. If I get requests for domination or for contact with these too stern ladies, I'll do my best to get them to link to me or to just let me feature them on some of my pages. It's up to you...let me know!

My new friend, Cindy, has decided to join us. She was doing calls elsewhere but has moved on and is now taking calls thru our service. You can find her at once her page is up you will find CINDY on the top row...

While you are there, you really need to see the new pics that were added for CAROL, BARBRA AND SHAWNA....if that doesn't move you to call one of us, I think you need a visit with Dr. Viagra!

The picture today is of Cindy...You said you want real women, well here you go...from the hot tub yesterday to your computer screen today...real pics, real hot, real time...

Love your continued support and SEXINESS...


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day!

Feelin' tricky today? I know I am ....isn't today National Fooling Around Day? Let's forget all our troubles about the economy, let's put politics aside for the day and just throw caution to the wind! Let's get naked and dirty...wanna? I'm hoping to spend some time in the sun today, by Thursday it is supposed to warm up to almost 70 and I hope that is not some sicko weatherman April Fool Joke...grrr! I need some sun to warm my bones and get me all stirred up for you...

I got to watch a hot guy on cam yesterday, he and I used SKYPE and it works so much better than Yahoo! If you don't have it, get it so we can play...I love watching you boys stroke your cocks for me and I know you REALLY get turned on doing it for me...what a wonderful thing the internet think I can sit back and watch man after man cum while I watch, well, I'm just blessed...LOL

Let's have a good day, let's cum a couple times and really push the many times can you cum for me in 30 minutes? I bet with me pushing you that we can surprise even you!

There's the phone...another jackin' boy! woohoo!

Check us out and call me for some FUN ON CAM!


Monday, March 31, 2008

More Shoes!

How about these girls? I love shoes!

I'm going to get some stockings on and take some pics! Call me for a freebie pic by email!

Karibeth xxx

Mamma Got New Shoes!!

This is one of the new pairs I bought while on my little trip over the w/end...I hope you like them! I can't wait to show off my legs and feet in these baby's...

Call me and tell me what you think!!


and be sure and check out the new girls on they are hot and waiting for your call!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26th...2 days to go....

Today was a wild turned ice freaking cold and there was snow mixed in the rain! The car wash place was closed up so I have to break down and clean the inside myself...oh god..!

I got my hair colored and it's just this side of fab...check out the looks funky without curls but it's still quite fuckable...have you ever wrapped your dick inside soft, thick hair and jerked off? Cum is full of protein and I like it in my hair or on my skin...wanna help a girl out? wink!

I cam home and talked to a new phone boy...hey, Thomas...smooch...and the did a call with Dorothy for a wild time with an established client that I JUST LOVE...Thank you baby...

Dorothy is a very naughty SHOULD check her out at and be sure and check out her gallery...ooolala...what a sense of humor and a dirty mouth...the best of both worlds. Very fun...

So my little trip is coming up, had to move it back to Friday to the's ok, Joey won't be going on this trip, I have a date with my dream boat...He's meeting me at the hotel on Friday and I'm hoping we will stay until Sunday morning...oh man! I know you will want to see the pics of that...He's kinda dirty and lots of fun...wish me luck! Maybe I can blow him on video and let you see it, would you like that? Call and let me know!

Ok, I gotta get busy and answer my emails...a couple cam girls have reached out and asked to get available for you all...Let me check them out and if I think you all might like to meet them on the ph or live on cam, I'll let you know where to find them...sound good?

I love you so much and appreciate all the support for me and my pals on the sites...

Your sexy girl...
Karibeth xxx

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Phone Sex Rules

ok, tonight we start out with a HUGE phone sex call rule. Do not call for information on a toll free number. Sweetie, I know you want to see what we sound like, but understand the woman answering the phone, if you are dialing her direct to her home, is paying for that phone call. So, if you want to flirt first, see if she has a Yahoo! button on her page and give her an instant message to ask all your billing questions. And btw, if the service is legit and trustworthy, all your questions will be answered. Just read the terms of the call on that page, I'm sure it is located close to that toll free number you are about to call. Oh, and another thing, don't call up all 20 women on that site and ask them all the same questions. We all talk to each other and we can type phone numbers quicker than you can call us. We all have caller id and we look at that before we answer our phones...

there now, that was not so bad, was it?

Now for the good stuff...Today was an awesome phone call day...varied fantasies, new callers and a bunch of callers that have not called in a longassed time. Thanks to the phone Gods...may the calls continue!

The day is about over for me, there is snow in the forecast and I'm about to drive my rearwheel drive car over the mountain for my little w/end get away. I'm not sure I can even go at this point but if I do...ooolala! I'll have my laptop and cellphone and my little Flip camera to get some fun recorded for you pervs that like to watch!

Oh, did I mention, I love phone sex!

Good night, horny boys!
Come see my buddies!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Official!

I'm a know, an older, HOT woman who approaches young men for sexual encounters. This is how is went down, you tell me, am I a slut or just HOT?

My friend Sally had a birthday today, so I took her out to lunch at our favorite new spot, Buster's. We were there a couple weeks ago and I flirted outrageously with the fella who seated us..Young, cute, and so sexxy! Anyway, HE was working again today and when he sat us and asked what we were drinking, I asked him if he was old enough to bring us a cocktail. He said, oh yes, I'm over 21...So, I said, how old are you honey? 24, he said and I said, I LOVE

Well, after that first gin and tonic I was feeling pretty good and when he dropped by the table to see if all was well, I asked him if he was busy Thursday night. He said he is off Thurs/Friday nights and I asked him how he felt about a woman asking him to go out of town with her for 1 night only and just for fun. He smiled, gave me his number and said he was open to anything I have in mind...


I am not sure if I'm up for a 24 yr old and I have plans to meet up with a lover from California but if that one can't make it (he has this THING about not showing up at the last minute)I'm gonna call Tony (isn't that the cutest name) and have him go along...Sounds like a photo op, if you ask me...

So, now back to Phone Sex! I have a new little vixen who is just starting out on the phone. Her name is LILY and she has this awesome long red hair and lily white skin...check her out at and be sure and look at her pics in the gallery. She has some pretty dirty pictures...wowowowwo

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let Me Introduce My Blog....

Today I start my very own blog. The plan is to each day give you a glimpse into the wild, wacky and yes, sometimes sexy world of a professional phone sex girl. Now, I'm no ordinary phone girl, oh no...I have been home on the phone full time since about 1998...back in the good old days! ha!

I hope you enjoy my entries and I promise to make them fun and interesting and even show off some of my gal pals that do calls too!

So, let's get this party started! The picture is of me and before you ask, yes, I use my own

Thanks for stopping by, of course I have a link for you to follow to see the first of several of my phone sex/live cam sites. I'm on there along with 3 women who also offer live cam. Read their pages and then call up and get busy...

It's Easter! Enjoy your day in a sexy way! My phone is ringing...gotta run!