Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day Already?

So, I was thinking you might like to turn on your cam and show off for me today! I'm really in the mood for a little CWNM fun...if you don't know what that is, call me and I'll explain it to ya!
I'm really enjoying the Spring this year, it's been hot outside and I can sit out there and play on the phone and you know how much I like public play! Just the thought of touching myself out on my deck in the afternoon with the sun beating down on me gets me all wet and sticky...In fact....yummmy sweet tasting, too!!
If you have not called or done a cam in a while, I am offering shorter calls to help you out. I also now offer TOPLESS cam sessions for only $4 a minute! 
Call me soon, Lover! Support your phone girl during these lean ass times and I'll make a FREE 3 MINUTE VIDEO just for YOU! All I need is your email address and I'll send you a FREE video of me for you to keep and jerk to when you can't call me! HOW ABOUT THAT? 
Remember, have your credit/debit/prepaid card ready when you call me....or pay ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE for your added security or if you live outside the USA....
love you honey!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Hemp Day, 420 Pals!

Me at Black Sands Beach, Shelter Cove, Cali!

Ilove this pic, looks like a Lexus ad, doesn't it? I drove 5 hours to see that beach and it was worth every second! Would have been SOOO much better to be with a sexy man but I loved it just the same!
I'm home in the rain all day today, call me up and I'll extend my offer of  $40 for 10 minutes of topless cam for ya! Lucky boy! Oh, today is 4/ know what that means...LOL Happy Hemp Day, Stoners!
The answer to the most asked question....
Come on guys, you know I need a credit, debit or prepaid card!
Give me a break, ok? I have to pay a phone bill every time you call and ask me that....See my rates link on my home page!
Talk to you soon,
Karibeth xoxo

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hot Tub Anyone?

I do love a hot tub, don't you? I also like to mess around with photos, can you tell?
So, something interesting happened last week. I had company here and a client called... I excused myself to do the call! The guy on the phone asked me to let him know what I sound like sucking a cock! Since there was one right out in the other room, I said well, do you really want to find out? Some of you get so possessive and jealous at the thought of me having sex with someone in person, I thought I should be careful. Well, this guy was ALL into it, turns out he had fantasies of me making him blow some guy...So, I went out and said, I need your cock for about 10 minutes and before he could say, WTF, I had it in my mouth and started doing my thing!
Now you know me, there is nothing I like better than going down on a stiff cock and listening to a guy moan and was FANTASIC! Not only was there a cock being stroked in my ear but I had a sexy man on the sofa making some pretty hot sounds too!! I sucked on it until my caller blew his load and then hung up and sucked those balls and cock until I had a huge load in my mouth of the sweetest, warmest cum ever!!
So, wanna call me now? I'm offering 10 minute topless cam shows all week for $40 and 5 minute quickie phone sex only calls for $12.50 so let's get busy! Be sure and mention my specials so I bill you right!

Love you baby!

Karibeth xoxoxo
Please have your billing information ready when you call....
regular rates: $2.50 per/10min minimum phone sex only
                         3.00 per/10min minimum phone sex/cam (me dressed)
                         4.00 per/10min minimum phone sex/cam (me topless, soft core only)
Billed to your Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover Discreetly, of course!
I also accept debit cards with Visa/MC logos and prepaid cards!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

How Was Palm Sunday????

Ok, I have a dirty mind...LOL
I just found out I'm getting some company for the w/end, fellas! So sorry about that but I will be around and if you are just dying to get off to me, then let Ellen know...she will be answering my phone if I"m unable to do it.
I thought I would give you another little teaser pic from last weeks shoot at the coast. Wanna Dance?
I do love shoes, don't you?
Talk to you soon!! and Happy Easter!! Eat some ham for me! and let me be dessert!!
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Here's a red hot kiss for ya!!
remember to have your credit card at the ready! No pay/No play! Sorry!
if you prefer, pay online and avoid all that bullshit before we can talk naughty!