Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy End of Summer!

I don't know about you guys, but summer was SIZZZZLING!! Now come fall, my favorite time of the year. I'm leaving for a few days on Sept 11th, taking a road trip up to see friends in British Columbia. It's a 2 day drive each way and I will be there for 2 days so message me on Yahoo! if you want to spend time with me during that time and I'll try and accomodate you!

I'll have my cellie and my laptop and I'm taking my camera for some fun pics! I'm even taking along a hot guy and hopefully we can get in a few shots of me giving some head for ya!! You dirty boys...Gosh, I do love it so much...LOL

In the meantime, I have a new friend to introduce you to...She is Loni and she is wicked nasty! Older, big titted and's a win/ can see her on the new site, Tell her I sent ya!! She's the picture today...nice stuff huh?

Come and see me soon! I love love loved watching you all jerk off on cam for me this summer. What do you say we continue into the fall...I can't wait til you shower me with cum so call soon!

Karibeth xxx


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wanna Suck On My Juicy Peach?

I love summer for many reasons but one of my favorite things is peaches...nice juicy, sweet tasty fruit with that soft fuzz on the outside. Do you like rubbing that delightful, round, slightly firm, piece of summer joy on your lips before you bite into it? Do you get aroused by the smell, the feel and the taste of all that juice running down your chin as you slurp up all it's amazing taste?

Kinda like eating my pussy, huh? I know, there is something so sensual in a ripe fruit, just like what I have waiting for you in my panties today...:)

Let's get together and work out a fantasy so we can both get off today. I am ready for some hot fetish calls or maybe a long taboo call...ooolala! Let's see just how nasty we can get!

It's summer, it's hot and so am's a perfect time to call me, I'm real, I'm ready and I have a voice that will curl your toes and make you as hard as that summer when you were a boy!!

Call me soon!! Summer does not last forever!!



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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a BUSY month!

August has been a blur for me! I have been super busy with new girls for you and new sites! We finished up a hot little site called there are a few new chickies on that site and I hope you like them!!

I have been doing more and more of my own calls and showing off more and more of me on cam. I was shy at first but once you show your bare ass it is not so hard...well, hard on your side of the camera maybe...giggle I HOPE...LoL

Call me darlings...I'm horny and summer is sizzling!

Hope you enjoy todays pic!!



Friday, August 1, 2008

Autumn Is Back To Play...

Some of you guys will remember having some excellent phone sex with my buddy, Autumn. She was not working for a while cuz of b/friend issues but I have good news for you boys..She is back and nastier than ever...

You must check her out, she has some new XXX pics that are juicy good and since she is alone again, she's like me, trolling for dick and happy to cum with you horn dogs on the phone! Autumn does have a day job so you have to reach her in the evenings but she is a night owl and can be reached during the nighttime hours...just perfect for that late night jerkoff...wink!

So, here is a dirty picture of her to get you all stirred up...I know you will cum to her pics but once you get those initial loads squirted, give her a know you want to hear this blonde tell you how to stroke while she fingers this hot box of hers...

Have can find Autumn at

Call me, I'm home all w/end with a wet spot just for you!