Friday, November 13, 2009

Where Does Time Go??

Seems like it was just Halloween and now Thanksgiving is looking us in the face. Could be all the time I have spent with your lusty men on the phone. I have gotten braver and now offer topless cam with free phone for $3.50 a minute and only a 10 minute minimum. You know you want to see me rub on them and bring them up nice and close to my great cam...yummmmmy
I have been spending time with a certain man who I have known for years. We reconnected in September and well, you should call and ask me what he did last night. All I can say is I'm impressed...LOL You know how much I love you younger boys but this guy is older than me and can still do me long time...ha ha!
This pic was taken last night for my myspace page. I think my new hair is so sexy and pretty. How would you like to slide up behind me, wrap that hair around your hand and ride me like a pony...I so love having my hair pulled, wanna give it yank?
I'm working on a site for my alter ego, are gonna love it!
I will be home all w/end and hope to hear from you, good sex is like Chinese food...the better it is the quicker you want more. Call me while I"m still buzzing from that great fuck last night...woohoo!