Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness Phone Sex Special
March Madness Phone Sex Special

It's March Madness and around here that means cheap calls and almost FREE cam! During the month of March I discount my topless cam shows a $1 a minute...that means you can see me LIVE!! on cam for only $3 a minute with a 15 minute minimum. And since I’m in a giving kinda mood, how about I offer you boys a BLOGGER SPECIAL and give you phone only for $2 a minute!!

Phone calls might be cheaper on other sites but are those REAL women you are calling or just some chicks using content pics to make themselves look hot...If a girl offers CAM she's real, cam? no go!

Call me soon, I'm waiting...The pic today was taken right after I finished a cam call...lucky guy, huh!! Be sure and mention the BLOGGER special so I bill you correctly...

Karibeth 866-666-8585
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Phone Sex Chat

Spring is the perfect time to evaluate the past year and thing about the pleasures and hot times that lay ahead of you. To think about what it is that really makes you satisfied. As for me my spring-cleaning will be to go through my thigh highs and mini skirts. Throw away all the old and get some new sexy outfits.   

It’s that time of year for a re birth and energize our love affair. Take the time to really focus on what matters.  I enjoy making you satisfied and showing off my sexy body.  Need to talk to someone with a sexy voice or in need of something a bit kinkier?  I’m your woman, give me a call and lets start this session off together.

9-9 Pacific 7 days a week