Friday, June 25, 2010

Back from Vacation!

If you called me the past few days you know I went away. I took a quick trip to the beach to recharge my batteries and now I"m back and ready to play! Give me a call, let's see what kind of trouble we can get each other into!
I need some sexy boys to call me up and tell me how hot I am! I miss that and you know how good it makes me feel! And when Karibeth feels good, everybody gets to feel good!
What are you in the mood for today ? Role Play? Incest/Underage thoughts giving you a woody? Want to chat about taboo, kinky and nasty stuff that no one else can offer? Got a wacky fetish that is making you nuts? Well, just pick up your phone and call 866-666-8585 and I will personally answer the phone and give you just what you need...
8,500+ happy clients can't be wrong, now can they? You know you like jerking off to my big boobs and pretty face, now give yourself a treat and call me! You will be happy to know I sound even better than I look and I do love hearing and watching you boys on cam! 
Call me soon, boys! I'm home all w/end, just waiting to me you CUM!
$2.50 per minute/10min minimum for phone only
$3 per minute to see me LIVE on cam! show includes FREE PHONE!
$4 per minute for TOPLESS cam show with FREE PHONE!
All calls billed as AlphaNet Information Systems, LLC
a discreet and trusted company since 2005
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