Monday, May 10, 2010

What A Week It Was!

Well, I hope you are happy cuz I'm back home and ready to make someone cum hard! I had a fabulous week from beginning to end. Every day brought me something good, old phone friends called me, new hot boys reached out to play with this sexy, old hottie and I got to go to the sunny beach for 2 nights to hang out with my girlfriends!
The trip to the beach was incredible, the weather was so awesome, no wind, no rain just sunny days and boozy evenings, lots of good food and so much laughing. Thanks to ELLEN for covering for me, she is the best... To find Ellen, CLICK HERE! 
So, I turned 56 on Thursday, I still can't believe it myself but I feel just like I did when I was 26 ONLY BETTER! Of course, how can I not? I mean, all day I hear sexy guys tell me how and what they want to do some very naughty things to me and they tell me what they want me to do! Hear 20 guys a day tell you how downright fuckable you are does have a way of getting a girlie turned on! Make that pussy wet and drippy all day!
So, this weeks special goes like this...Phone blowjobs or watching you on cam is on sale! woohoo! Call and mention my BLOGGER SPECIAL and get $5 off your call! All men like a special or like to haggle over the cost of something and now is your chance to get a lil deal on your session with me. I have missed our chats and hope you can call soon! Like NOW~
$2.50 per minute/10 minute minimum phone sex calls
$3.00 per minute/10 minimum phone/cam calls
$4 per minute/10 minimum/topless phone/cam calls
All calls billed thru my LEGITIMATE billing company
A trusted, reliable, discreet company

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