Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guess What???

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!! Woohoo! Can you believe that your sweet phone girl is 56 years old? WoW! I can't believe it myself! I wish I could invite you all over for cake but I might have a better idea! How about if you call me SOON for some real birthday fun? I would so luv luv luv that!
I will be unavailable from tomorrow through the w/end and won't be back to be nasty until Monday, May the 10th so call today or I won't be around!
I am going back to the beach for a few days to celebrate Mothers Day...don't you wish you could cum with me? I mean, come with me? We could go to brunch and I could introduce you to all my friends as my sweet boy and you could show all my friends just now much you love your momma...LOL
Oh, I have a very dirty mind today, I think I'm either very excited about my birthday or I'm just plain horny...whatever it is, call me now and take advantage of my mood! ha!
$2.50 per min/10min minimum anything goes phone sex
$4.00 per min/10min minimum topless cam
please have your credit/debit/prepaid card ready when you call!!
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