Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cabin Feaver Get a Way

Phone Sex

I decided to spend a couple days away from the house, getting cabin fever with all the snow so between storms I took off and got a nice room a couple hundred miles away. After relaxing in the nice soft bed I decided to hit the in house bar. No reason to go out when you have room service.

Now I bet you were expecting me to say some ting about picking up a guy and taking him back to the room for a good deep fucking, doing good and hard doggie style on that nice soft bed. Well not to break your tender little harts but that didn’t happen lol.

But something did but I don’t kiss an tell very often so you want all the wet details? Can your hart handle the explosive details of a hot sexual encounter with a very active red head? Give your Kari a call and I will make your hart or cock go pitter patter.

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James said...

I have a fever,
I'd love to take you to bed, remove your panties spread your legs and go down on your creamy pussy. You can have room service and we can spend the night making love.

Anonymous said...

great legs, love to lay you on your back
spread those silky thighs and slide deep into your sweet creamy pussy. Grab you by the ass and spend the night making love with you.

Anonymous said...

Love to spread your thighs grab you by the ass and slide slowly up you sweet creamy pussy for a night of love making