Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Hemp Day, 420 Pals!

Me at Black Sands Beach, Shelter Cove, Cali!

Ilove this pic, looks like a Lexus ad, doesn't it? I drove 5 hours to see that beach and it was worth every second! Would have been SOOO much better to be with a sexy man but I loved it just the same!
I'm home in the rain all day today, call me up and I'll extend my offer of  $40 for 10 minutes of topless cam for ya! Lucky boy! Oh, today is 4/20...you know what that means...LOL Happy Hemp Day, Stoners!
The answer to the most asked question....
Come on guys, you know I need a credit, debit or prepaid card!
Give me a break, ok? I have to pay a phone bill every time you call and ask me that....See my rates link on my home page!
Talk to you soon,
Karibeth xoxo

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